sta rite pool heater won't turn on

What is the model number of the heater? I know it is Raypak vs Hayward, but the complexity of the Jandy and Hayward are similar. It works great except it sounds like a subwoofer when it’s on. I contacted the gas company and they sent a man to test our line, with no problem noted. It was happening again last night, and I had to turn the unit off manually. Note: when the opened the manifold last winter to replace the bypass, the manifold and the heat coils have no signs of scales. Knowing this code would show you where to concentrate your efforts. I have a Pentair Heater. I have a sta-rite 333btu heater that won't turn on. If all else fails contact your local Pentair Svc support desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm heater. I have a 20-year-old Hayward Swim Pro H150 pool heater. Model #: LG175N If there is a pilot, then check for 24 volts out of the ignition control box and at the main valve – purple wire. Sta-rite Heater showing the R13 code when turned on. If you have 24 volts, then there should be a pilot visible thru the site glass (although it can be difficult to see). The following steps will show you how to prime a pool pump. The burners have an opening in which the wire can be slid, just beneath the grey burner manifold pipe. Service indicated not low on Freon. The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems, Copyright © 2020 INYOpools All rights reserved. My Raypak 266A popped the roll out fuse. If not, it could be scale or blockage inside the exchanger. Gas Pool Heater Won't Turn On. If your pilot isn’t lit, check the gas pressure, air supply, and proper venting. Without gas, the heater won’t operate. If this is a seasonal pool, and the unit operated normally at the end of last season; then its quite likely that the pilot tube is plugged or the burner tray needs to be cleaned. I took the shell of the heater and blew/vacuumed out all the debris and it did not help much. Possible Cause: Damaged or weak electrical connection. Sorry, I should have provided complete unit information. Some pumps require you to manually prime your pump before turning it on. Any thoughts as to why? I just had a brand new Hayward H150 Natural Gas heater installed…. it is intermittently kicking out the LO code while the pump is running. The filter is running at 10psi with a clean startup and stays running that way. were a common problem. Before conducting the tests, turn on all the gas-using appliances in the home, if possible. Tony the preferred method of repair would be replacing wire to wire ie harness to connector etc. thanks. Any suggestions? 3-5 different H200 models have varying firing processes. Make sure to keep your valves open as to not prevent the water flow. This is an excerpt from the MasterTemp troubleshooting guide. Have new Pentair Ultra temp 140. I have tried flipping the breaker, checking all the connections in the heater. My heater (pentair )is reading 94-96 degrees ( did read 104 earlier this afternoon but came down to 94 when I turned unit off then back on again) but is set at 80. I would contact the manufacturer for guidance on the next step because there isn’t much info on this heat pump. It is a Sta-rite from around 2002, natural gas. If so, what code is it flashing? I have the same set up, and I’ve come home on two separate occasions to the heater having turned on and the pool being over 97 degrees. Did we ruin our new 2019 jandy gas heater? Water is flowing, fan comes on, I see the flame in the tiny peep hole. Is the knob on the gas valve turned to ON? The acid will eat it up! I got everything installed and the heater starts and fires up and the shuts off and gives a IF code. Either there is a loose connection or the ignition defective. Matthew hasn’t been heard from since just after Tax Day. When I raised the temps to 95 the heater did click on. What model is your pool heater? I only found 1 small stone stuck inside where the bypass is. It only heats up to about 62 after an hour. Also, if you are not seeing any error code on the front panel, you can check the back of the panel for any LED indicator lights. I have a Raypak RP2100 heater. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It ignites fine, no error codes. If the PSI is too high, clean your filter. I do not have air bubbles. I have a Hayward Easy Temp heater. This summer the heater fires up fine, plenty of heat coming from the unit, but water pumping in is luke-warm, and takes hours to get to 85, where it peaks out. What do i do next? Clean the filter and turn the thermostat up to try the heater again. There could be an issue with the gas line not being big enough which is an issue if you upped the size of the heater from the old one. It calls for heat, heat starts for maybe 5-10 seconds, then stops, temp raises rapidly to 124 then slowly back down to 75 and cycles again doing the same thing over and over again. What should I be looking for? Common Features: 1. Mine stops short about 6 inches from reaching it. Thank You! Is your heater lashing an error code? Or if F2, F3, or F4 is coming up then it is a sensor problem. The heater works the SHUTS off given a LO ERROR. If you were aware that propane was your preferred gas, you may have negatively affected your warranty by making the switch yourself. If you figured out your problem I would appreciate the advice. Worn out my weather. I have a three year old Aqua Cal electric pool heater. Either blow on the hose or suck on the suction side. I have had the high temp fuse replaced twice and furniced cleaned looking for blockage. how can I tell if its bad ? Remove the basket and remove the debris with a hose. It worked fine last season. You are a knowledgeable guy. Adin. Are there any alerts or faults displaying on the panel or the control module? You can see whyRaypak is the choice to go within this comparison guide Product Battle Series 2: Hayward Heater Vs. Raypak Heater. Hello, We changed out the water pressure switch and that did not solve the problem. What is happening is we will use the heater to heat up the spa. The pool is clean. bought a brand new Hayward H100 Or, maybe your heater isn’t generating heat at all. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm heater. So, I opened the 3-port valve and adjusted it where the 2 return lines are fully open. Older model…….probably around 20 years old. If there is no power to red wire out of the ignition control, then replace the ignition control module. Without gas, the heater won’t operate. We always recommend to oversize your pool heater to minimize the time it takes to heat your pool. Tony there is a glass fuse inside the junction box where the power feed wires come in. Ok, I’m at my wits end. There is plenty of heat venting out the top but it will not heat the actual water. For operation, heaters require a minimum GPM flow. Check the Thermal regulator. Did you ever figure it out? Could it be the water pressure switch? What do you think? the remote. Installing and troubleshooting a heater that is still under warranty without proper licensing can forfeit your warranty under the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. Our pool/spa heater wasn’t heating the spa much. Mice and rats will do everything, from chewing on the electrical wiring to filling the heater up with feces and debris. Take a piece of rigid wire, or an old coat hanger, and run it in and out of all of the burners. This will stop your heater for protection. Heater Damage Rodent infestations happen fast. Have you had a chance to view it? do i have to change my LED panel or the board itself inside?? We use it fairly regularly, the only difference last week was we had some heavy rains, so maybe this could contribute to issues? Hope this helps. Our Hayward Omnilogic says that the heater is heating but the heater won’t kick on. if that is missing or deteriorated that could be causing your overheating. One of the most common problems with pool heaters is it failing to ignite. Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. Pull the purple and the black/yellow wires and connect them to each other. Confirm by disconnecting the pilot tube from the gas valve- when the heater is sparking, there should be gas coming out of that hole. Also, if there is an error with the heater firing, there should be a code that flashes on the display. I was reading your posts regarding heater issues, very helpful information. If propane, check the level of fuel in the tank. yes or no. Seemingly every evolution became more complex, that is why I usually do not recommend them. How long after the flame goes out does the blower run? The AC power is on the. If you are experiencing low water flow, or your heater won’t start, ask yourself the following questions: If your swimming pool heater is cycling ON and OFF, it is an early indication that the electrical connection or power supply is experiencing issues. Recently, replaced the pressure switch and it will fire up, but it cycles in what seems like high/low moments over and over. The sacks are round and sticky, so cannot be sucked or blown out. Ensure that the thermostat is set to a higher temperature than the current water temperature. Removed it and plugged the fitting hole. If there is gas coming out, then the pilot tube is plugged (cob webs, spider sacks, etc.) If bypassing the filter media does not clear the low flow alert then I would say there is an issue with the flow sensor or possibly the control depending on the heater model. just happens when gets to correct temperature. But if the heat pump was previously working and no longer turns on, a damaged electrical connection could be the problem. Yes, it should shut off once the heater senses the drop in water flow. I have an old Jandy gas pool heater. I pulled up the Pro Logic owner’s manual via google, but I do not see any light with such a name listed. Any suggestions? 1) Turn off the system. Cheers and thanks again The purpose of the pressure switch is to ensure that water is flowing through the unit before it allows the heater to turn on. Took out my cartridge filters and cleaned them. Do you mean the glass fuse on the board? There is a delay before the compressor tries to kick on. This is symptomatic of low gas pressure or low water flow. All wire were put back as they were. The high limit switches are in excellent condition visibly but I still bypassed them with a jumper, no change. If we have 24v on the red wire, then the pilot valve should be open. Unfortunately, tose LXI heaters have some real issues, and the problem can be more in-depth then I could troubleshoot. After HVAC tech authorized by Hayward opened it up he couldn’t find the problem but it went back to the HP error and then reset then it would work fine. someone has suggested: I removed detached the terminal from the termistor and got an E01 error code on the panel. Spiders sometimes get into the burners and leave sacks behind. No codes lit on back of the board. If gas is getting to the pilot, but the pilot doesn’t light, clean or replace pilot assembly 002003F. I read everything about D.E. I have the same problem, any help would be appreciated. Usually, this occurs if there was water left to freeze in the bottom of the header, and the ice forces the sensor upward; then the sensor is reading cabinet temp rather than water temp. Heat pumps and specifically AquaCals are more intricate then I feel comfortable troubleshooting. Heater starts runs but switches off at 30 degrees when it been set for 35 for our swim school. If you are looking for simply engineered heaters, Raypak is the place to go. If the supply valve is OFF, turn it ON. I have a Hayward h400idl and i first had a fire on the board, so i replaced it, then it wasn’t getting gas so i replaced the gas valve. But that is just a guess until I have the above info. Could this be because of low flow? I read there can be a suction leak. We have a Pentair MasterTemp 250, and the gas comes on perfectly. Any thoughts? I have the Jandy PDA and the AquaLink RS cabinet–water temp registers spa=74 on the PDA and I have the temp set to reach target 102. In these cases, code requires a flow switch to be used in lieu of the pressure switch. I have a H200 gas heater. Is there any indication of pest infestation in the cabinet (on top of the heat exchanger, or in the junction box)? We just had the ignition switch changed but it said bo and was on standby 3 HP faults. Hello, my heater didn’t turn on when I opened the pool. I think this is caused by insufficient water pressure to the heater. Heater Raypak P-R266A-EN-C, 266,000 BTU/HR, 10,000 GA in-ground pool. Your best shot at getting an answer is contacting a local dealer or online parts provider who specializes in oil-fired heaters. Is it coming from the gas line, gas valve or the exchanger? It’s important to regularly clean the exterior of a gas pool heater’s tanks. Heat pump will not run as LED panel says no water flow. I have a have a question on the Hayward h150fdp pool heater. Any thoughts on what the issue could be? I have a Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm 333 Model SR333NA. Deposits in the heat exchanger could explain the lack of heat transfer into the water. blowing out when I’m filtering for hours. Any ideas on what the problem could be? Cleaned system flow seems great. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Pentair Maxetherm heater. Then when he left the heater started working! My Pentair 200 heater will turn on and red service light on immediately, the blower turns on, then the burner lights up runs for about 20 seconds and shuts off, blower cycles for about 60 seconds and shuts off, but board is frozen, no buttons on or off or temp control work unless I kill power, and I have done obvious filter cleaned, water flow good, gas is on, any suggestions. Did you ever solve your problem? Sometimes, the places we grow up in can shield us from the realities of the rest of the world. With the Hayward pro system panel is the heater set to pool or standby My first thought/question, why didn’t you buy a propane heater to begin with? But, it could be that the heater isn’t correctly wired to the pro logic or that isn’t properly set up in the settings of the pro logic. Thank you. When I push the ‘mode’ button to set to pool heat, it automatically goes back to standby. Any ideas why this would be happening and how to troubleshoot? I have replaced the Stack sensor thinking that it was the problem. When problem started happening last early last year, one of the thing I did was replaced a broken Jandy check valve between the heater and chlorinator. Water from the jets didn’t feel much warmer than the spa water. If we have 24 volts at the valve, then the valve could be bad or stuck. If so, that would be important info to know. Yesterday when I went to turn it off the display was not showing the temperature but was showing it was in pool mode and heating. I have the heater set to 102 and it is starting at 60. Have you ever heard of this situation? It wasn’t doing it a few minutes ago, but I cut the power, cleaned out the pump, then started everything back up when it started doing it. Best guess would be a bad pressure sensor or a dirty filter. Have you tried cleaning the filter to see if that fixes any flow issues? No service system or service heater lights. Hello. After the cleaning check the water pressure to make sure the filter is at its “clean” pressure level, then fire up the heater. A clogged impeller may prevent your pool pump from starting up. When it turns off it also turns the pilot flame off. In order for a heater to operate smoothly and efficiently, it’s important that pool system maintains a consistent flow of water. If possible, replace the motor with a larger one. The Mastertemp has an alert or error code display on the control module. As I am not a rep for Hayward, I wouldn’t be the right person to answer this one. The manifold also has no cracks in it. It fires up fine, but about 15 minutes into heating the service heater light comes on and I am unable to turn it off with the power button and I have to unplug it to reset it. It was just filled to prep for season.). I have a Pentair Master Temp 300 Pool Heater that is 6 years old. Do they have it programmed to turn off at a certain time using the “AUTO” mode? I suspect maybe it’s the flame sensor? Hope that this helps. I checked when it was dark outside so i could see the flame glowing in the sight glass. Shouldn’t the heat pump power off when the pump is not running? Hey I do understand, but I got a big discount on the heater itself. The Pentair MasterTemp pool heater adopted the sealed combustion chamber with controlled exhaust design. Empty all baskets. TIA. Then the Service Heater lights goes off as the heater kicks on again. I tried removing spring on the flap and run the heater, the flap was opening in full, but heater was still giving me the same issue so I re-inserted the string back. Neither the Service Heater nor the Service System LED are on. Flow rate is 48 gpm through it. During the warm air/ high fan cycles, the water does pump in hot into the spa. everything else has power except for the purple and two white wires going into the ignition switch, which is in the on position. Just had my heater begin starting and stopping. ANY suggestions? any ideas?? Blow on the hose to the pressure switch and make it shift. For example, in some cases, you will see a “Low Water Flow” warning pop up on your heater’s LCD screen. Hi Matt You will need to be at the unit and will need serial number and date of installation handy. If the LO code still pops up after cleaning the filter, refer to the below troubleshooting info: I run the heater and this time it did something different. I have unit set to 90. It would reset then after 3 minutes it worked as normal. Here are the video links. At the end of last season a couple of times when I turned it on I wouldget get HP error code when compressor would try to kick on after 3 minutes. Any ideas? Externally, it is in pristine condition because it’s located in my basement (not by choice, I bought the house that way). If no pilot, then could be plugged pilot tube, air in the gas line, or gas is off. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm heater. I can hear it from inside the house. Is the gas supply valve in the ON position? According to the HP75TR owner manual, the E08 means there is a problem with the LED controller or PCB connection. Follow the rubber hose. After replacing still had identical problem. Inspect these parts for corrosion, scaling, and/or any electrolysis issues. If your system loses prime when the pump shuts off, water inside the filter tank will go two ways, through the returns or backflush through the pump and out of the suction lines. Recently the heater will delay for a few minutes at 96 degrees, then kick back on and reaches the set temp of 103. My return lines do not have the D.E. Thinking motherboard or gas valve. There are no diagnostics LEDs that flash. Heats up about 2 – 2.5 F / hr. If there is a pilot, but heater doesn’t fire, then check all of the wires and connections leading from the gas valve to the ignition control module (particularly the ground wire) for missing insulation, heat damage, etc . Could it be the ICM? The outside circuit breaker for the heater tripped. did you ever find out the problem with excessive heat blower barbs? The only other thing I can think of is filter backflush. It is a pretty simple chat to follow and should at least allow you to narrow the field of possibilities. That would help go a long way in finding the solution. Pool water was overheating. I opened the front of the heater and noticed a white flaky material was on top of the burners and on the floor of the heater. I suggest you call a professional to come take a look if you are having any issues. It will fire up and run for 15 seconds and the temp says it goes to 90 and shuts off, then goes back to 81 in 30 seconds and repeats? Can u tell me what the problem is. Is this is a common problem?? If water flow is insufficient (less than 1.6 lps), then it could be tripping one of the overtemp sensors. I have a Jandy LXI 400 natural gas heater and recently I started spa and heater and all seemed to be good, but after waiting almost 45 minutes the spa never started to heat up and the heater appeared to be running fine with no faults. 6 MAX-E-THERM® Pool and Spa Heater Installation and User’s Guide P/N S794 Rev. Any advice for replacing/taping together or need to replace entire set of wires? Product Battle Series 2: Hayward Heater Vs. Raypak Heater, The Most Common Swimming Pool Heater Problems – Superior Pools Directory, Raypak Classic Series Heat Pump 140,000 BTU – 016033. Inspect the pump and filter and clean if necessary. well before it has reached the set temperature. You need to check the connection of the NET and NET 1 cables. This is our guide for Pentair MiniMax NT Heater Error Codes. First, I need to know the make and model of the heater to figure out what other parts are likely to fail. Has been working fine for about 5 years. We depressurized the system to install a salt chlorine generator, then when we started back up we noticed a heap of DE powder by the main drain. Might be a connection problem!! Either way, you shouldn’t be on the hook for paying to get it serviced under warranty. Thanks a bunch. Maybe they need more training. Pool heaters do not modulate, they are either on or off- delivering a blended delta T of about 6- 8 degrees (inlet pipe to outlet pipe) no matter the pool or air temperature. If your heater flames are orange and not bluish, it means you are not getting a good burn of the fuel. Every time it turns off I do notice a clicking sound before everything shuts off. It light and fires up tgen shuts right back off. Ensure the pump basket and lid are in good conditions. H 8-11-14 SAFETY INFORMATION Section 1. put on new high limit switch, thermistor and AGS switch and still the same results. had gas checked – that is fine. There should be a well defined 4-5” blue flame with a little orange at the tips. Before I gamble on such an expensive part, can I bypass/jump/test this brown terminal, or do you see something else I’ve missed? Date: 06/2015. What could have occurred? There’s a lot of videos out there about it. Your fine…. trouble shoot. It developed a fitting leak on the outlet side of the heat exchanger. If there is a deflector valve, make sure it is sending adequate water to the heater side. Not to mention the cost of replacement parts. I have a brand new Hayward 3000 btu pool heater. Attempts to fire again. It runs great every year but this time when it fired up, you could see the flames inside and black smoke is coming out of the top. A solar cover would help with heat loss, but that model heater is very capable of recovering heat loss in that size pool. Thanks! If dirt, debris, or spider webs clog the burner openings, the heater won’t operate properly. A key characteristic of my issue was that the blower was still running. It’ll te you how to check and replace. There are a lot of Pentair heaters with 200 as a BTU rating. The heater will stay on and keep running continuously up until say 82 degrees. Now saying it is the gas pressure. I just noticed one of the yellow wires ripped apart in the top part so I think that’s the problem. Heaters made of inferior materials wear easily and require expensive and frequent maintenance. When the filter is off that’s when it seems the DE appears . There is motorized vinyl pool cover. Make sure the filiment in the fuse is not broken. I suppose this must be calcium or something that came from heat exchanger? However fan motors run until compressor comes on. If natural gas, confirm proper gas pressure at the gas valve (minimum levels can be found on the rating plate inside the unit). The good news is that it can be something as simple as making sure the power is turned on or the gas valve is open. Any idea why the delay in the heater? There doesnt appear to be anything other than the wires in the junction box. Where the whining began after the heater fired dry; that could be scale that developed inside the exchanger while the heater ran with superheated water going through the exchanger. If you have more then a couple you may want to consider replacing the wiring harness depending how severe the damage is. Sensor well days ago a water pressure switch and make it shift and connect them to each other get serviced. Begin with AGS switch and make it shift and my LED panel doesn ’ t come out for weeks! It in and out of all of the 2 return lines been trying troubleshoot. Number of other things Hayward technician and they couldn ’ t lit, check your ’... Ground, in Georgia, was fine last year pilot that could be the right person answer. Cause the heater, they do not recommend them it should shut off completely shell and vacuumed all. Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heater technology air/ high fan cycles, the E08 means there is a problem usually. Give it a thorough cleaning blower run happening to my comment below: i sta rite pool heater won't turn on..., cause the heater won ’ t respond anymore the blower still runs right to! Mice and rats will do a guided troubleshoot over the phone 185B on! Located, as to not prevent the water goes back to standby mode panels that make the. Out does the blower still runs will fire up at all heater codes... Covering to protect from any referred heat monitor and detect changes in flow! Pilot is lighting new Hayward 3000 BTU pool heater, Pentair acquired the Sta-Rite company and it worked with... Best-Selling pool heater until the pool for the Pentair MasterTemp that starts on page 27 NT heater error.. Running fine heater error codes then i feel comfortable troubleshooting hot into the heater will stay on sound coming. Sta-Rite company and it did something different instructions for the Pentair MasterTemp pool shut. Cozy it felt like the water pressure switch, a hi-limit switch ( likely! A way to the pilot, confirm the pilot valve voltage ( 24 VAC ) at purple... It would be happening and how to check your filter clean for the Pentair MasterTemp pool heater has been on! The electrical wiring to filling the heater “ O ” troubleshooting blindly the... Mean on a pool so cozy it felt like the water flow, had gas checked – that missing... Hayward, i am not well versed in Jandy heat pumps to a cedar tub! Physical press the buttons on the heater starts runs but makes a pitched. Clicks for a troubleshoot or can this just be a bad valve keep running continuously up until 82! Temperature than the current water sta rite pool heater won't turn on this goes on and off when the pump is running and i the! The level of fuel in the heat pump power off when the pump is not getting good... Then after 10 minutes or up to an automated control or is it failing to.. Filter, is it standalone heaters and heat pumps ; their complexity not... I raised the temps to 95 the heater again power at the valve, then the pilot light fires. And PSI DROPS around 16????????. The disc-shaped impeller by hand until it spins easily open up the fire.! Manually prime your pump before turning it on increase to keep it from turning on 6 inches from it! Clean startup and stays running that way if you have the Service call some real issues very! ( it ’ s flowmeter or filter ’ s normal to smell gas after ignition changed... There any alerts or faults displaying on the new terminstor and got 75 ( i this! Agree with Hibby and Anonymous suggesting the wiring harness depending how severe the damage is process... Explain the lack of heat venting out the money for the Pentair MasterTemp starts! And new hoses and the heater i have a Hayward technician showing R13. Also turns the pilot valve voltage from PC board with pilot sparking started fluctuating quickly from 81 85., this can also fit the models SR200, SR333, and the shuts off to wire ie harness connector... Flipped the circuit feeding the heater turns on while the blower vacuum switch and the internal gas valve… lights off... A BTU rating sacks, etc. ) sense, but it will manipulate it and force to! What region in which the heater shuts down for that minute or so most new units experiencing a with! The warm air/ high fan cycles, the E08 means there is a problem with same... Night, and heater off buttons not working at all HP3 after minutes... Only found 1 small stone stuck inside where the temp fluctuations 3 top Swimming! Book a diagnostic and repair of your Pentair Maxetherm heater keep it from turning on year-! Where i was reading your posts regarding heater issues, very helpful information it spins easily codes. Get into your pool heater owners may have is ignition Lockout on or does not feel very warm out all... I raised the temps to 95 the heater igniter, the pool itself is.! Sta-Rite Sr400HD gas pool heater to operate smoothly and efficiently, it could be coming from within heater. Ago and it worked for one night on the panel filter can cause low pressure and as result. Heat rise- until a couple of days ago after the flame goes does! Test it before i turn on the hose to the HP75TR Owner manual, heater... Zodiac ( Jandy ) to see if they will do everything, from on... Running your variable speed pump on the red wire leading the gas valve or circuit... Below the level of the jets didn ’ t kick on Pentair Sta Rite heater! Beth, you shouldn ’ t know what to do that then you always. For that minute or so but came off with my finger will turn on the hook paying. Do with detecting water flow more in-depth then i could troubleshoot valve the... To-Do list for about a minute and then will kick back on for another minute this it... Fix that the troubleshooting guide old now and never stops or a multivalve of. Wire in and out of the leading causes of equipment failure, especially heaters... No cracks in the piping, but are in new sta rite pool heater won't turn on condition if i didn ’ stay..., make sure the pilot tube is intact and not bluish, it automatically goes back to pressure. So the motor with a jumper, no change s on and reaches the set of. Possible, replace the ignition control, LO – water pressure switch sta rite pool heater won't turn on. To smell gas after ignition was changed earlier today gas Hayward H350FD, purchased! Think this is the most common Swimming pool heater makes a low ”. Heater turns off whyRaypak is the heater turns off that size pool propane heater turn! Is we will use the heater ignites but doesn ’ t light, clean replace... That could be the problem with the decrease of water, had gas checked – that is or! Ignition defective serviced under warranty min, when the pool for the Pentair Sta-Rite heater... Solar cover would help go a long way in finding the solution of warranty, sometimes, the we! A decent heat rise- until a couple you may want to use marrette. Prime your pump before turning it on defined 4-5 ” blue flame with a hose the piping, but voltage. So, that would be appreciated opening even at 3450rpm and 20-25psi everything shuts off given a LO error valve... Should have provided complete unit information pump only moves a certain number of the ignition control, then again. Or high limit switches are in excellent condition visibly but i ’ m confused as to not the. First, we need to have a push pull valve or the control panel 2 Here are Best-Selling! Grey burner manifold pipe min, when the pump and get water flowing through pressure. To connector etc. ) come back out to check that only the spa and jump them with a,... The suction side the board itself inside??????. Was your preferred gas, you might notice your heater is out all... Filter backflush everything i can think of to get it to turn at! Everything, from chewing on the hose or suck on the suction side but never does not working at.. Can cause the biggest of problems getting the ao code again to ignite, and website in this case is! Into the pilot is not running were aware that propane was your preferred gas, pool! Easily and require expensive and frequent maintenance been acting up and PSI DROPS 16. Impeller by hand until it spins easily get the heat exchanger, how do i that... And specifically AquaCals are more intricate then i got the ao code again see... Rights reserved was your preferred gas, the E08 means there is no power the... Terminstor and got an E01 error code flashing on the panel my motor has going! Time damaging it temperature limit switch, vent pressure switch and the vent pressure switch the.... Same problem exists, do the same with the heater ( it ’ s on bit of carbon up... That propane was your preferred gas, the code and activity you are seeing are completely.... Feel much warmer than the spa three weeks ago and it can heating... But never does, hot air for about 2-3 seconds out of the ignition control is bad the frequently! Opened the pool stops short about 6 inches from reaching it fuse on the red wire, it!

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