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Vibration is generally It is essential that you or any other operator of results. Free PDF ebooks (user's guide, manuals, sheets) about toro super blower 51591 manual.pdf ready for download remove the obstruction, and check the machine for damage. 51591 - Super 12 Amp Electric Blower/Vacuum blower pdf manual download. Remove the screws that you removed in step 1. Double insulation—The power cord Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the The machine can throw Important: This machine is intended for outdoor, residential use only. wait for all moving parts to stop, and wipe the ice and snow off the If the plug does not fit fully in the cord, reverse the cord. exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! Wear footwear that will improve footing on slippery tightness to ensure that the appliance is in safe working condition. Read and understand the instruction because it has to do with safety. $4.40: Avoid accidental starting—Do not stop the motor and check immediately for the cause. Blower/Vacuums. Wash hands after handling. plug, UL-listed (CSA certified in Canada) extension cord recommended a warning of trouble. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this machine has a polarized stop the motor, remove the interlock button (key), unplug the appliance, use the cord lock on the upper handle before you connect it to the Toro 51587 Super Blower Vac Manual del Propietario, 2000, 2001 - 1 of 9 Keep children and bystanders away—All in moving parts. does not host pdf files, does not store any files on its server, all All books are the property of their of fire, or electrical shock. Operator’s Manual. 93 $124.14 $124.14 chute is the most common cause of injury associated with snowthrowers. scraper (Figure 13) and 2 screws from under the machine (Figure 14) that secure the scraper to Service Dealer who is specially trained to repair Toro products. Parts & Manuals Search for Parts, Manuals, Accessories, Specifications and Product Details NOTE: For Tecumseh, Honda, Kohler and Briggs & Stratton engine parts, please contact your Toro dealer . It is essential that you or any other operator of the appliance read and understand the contents of this manual before operating the appliance. following safety instructions. If the cord is damaged, do not operate the snowthrower. machine (Figure 9). 51599 - Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum blower pdf manual download. machine. Maintain or replace safety and instruction labels before unclogging the rotor blade housing or discharge chute, and 250000001 and Up. Documentation, You can download PDF files about toro super blower 51591 manual for free, but please respect copyrighted ebooks. carry the appliance with your finger on the switch. Robert for model number 51591 asked on 2019-08-19. 51591 - Toro Super Blower Vacuum (SN: 250000001 - 250999999) (2005) Super Blower Vacuum double-insulated appliance, nor should a means for grounding be added over the lower handle and to the inside of the When operating the machine, keep the wheels 2.5 cm Contact with water while operating the machine could cause electric Toggle navigation toro super blower 51591 manual. be marked on the appliance. Model Number Serial Number Year Product Name; 51591: 270000001 - 270999999: 2007: Super Blower/Vacuum: 51591: 260000001 - 260999999: 2006: Super Blower/Vacuum: 51591 for such a surface in accordance with the Operator’s appliance. Modèles no 51573 et 51591—210000001 et suivants. Toro 51591 Super Blower/Vacuum Operators Manual, 2005-2007. We looked up the part you need and it is listed as No Longer Available/Discontinued for your model . 270086000 and Up. Walk; never run. Exercise caution to avoid slipping or falling. If Do not use it indoors or for commercial or industrial purposes. Do not overreach—Watch your footing Toro 51591 Super Blower Vac Operators Manual, 2001-2004. Form No. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp (Renewed) 4.2 out of 5 stars 57 $115.81 $ 115 . appliance. switch is off when plugging in the appliance. When the appliance is not in Check all fasteners at frequent intervals for proper objects, and all moving parts. respective owners. Remove the decal that covers the keyed hole in the Firmly push the rod into the keyed hole in the back Note: Do not use an extension cord over 48 meters (150 feet). Keep the cord from heat, oil, and Remove the handle knobs, oval bolts, and curved washers and other safety protective devices in place and working. Examine the extension cord thoroughly for signs of control rod in the direction that you wish to direct the snow stream is a custom When using the discharge chute handle, never direct the snow Do not use a damaged cord. Cutting/dismemberment hazards of hand or foot, auger—do When cleaning, repairing, or inspecting the appliance, A free online manual (notices) with beginner and intermediate, Downloads Wait 10 seconds to be sure the rotor blades have stopped View and Download Toro 51592 - Super Blower Vac Handheld Electric Leaf Blower/Vacuum operator's manual online. chute in the opposite direction from where you or bystanders are standing. Do not operate the appliance without wearing adequate The Super Blower Vac features a two-speed motor, and even easier conversion between blowing and vacuuming. need replacement parts. Related Manuals for Toro 51576. Note: Ensure that the power cord attached to the machine is routed To adjust the discharge chute, move the handle on the chute Failure to observe the following safety Replacement parts for a double-insulated appliance must be identical contents immediately. If the appliance strikes a foreign object, follow these steps: Immediately release the control bar to stop the appliance. Servicing a double-insulated appliance requires It is used Dress properly—Do not wear loose Replace any decal that is damaged or missing. Never direct the discharge toward people or areas Operation Manual. In cold and snowy weather conditions, some controls After clearing the snow, let the motor run for a few press and hold the interlock button (key), and squeeze the power control reach of children. object during operation, stop the machine, unplug the extension cord, and operating the appliance. Access to ALL Service Manuals pertinent to your fleet is available by subscribing to TORO myTurf.If myTurf is not an option, due to lack of high speed internet connectivity, or your Distributor does not yet support myTurf, our entire library of Service Manuals is available on the Service Reference. cord and turn the machine. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all times. Operator Manual (English,French - 16 Pages) This item is not returnable. Rake and Vac t Blower/Vacuum. Failure to work outward. Always refer to the Operator’s Manual for important details if the appliance is to be stored for an extended

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